Saturday, April 4, 2009

Days 93 & 94 - The Lake

Oldest DD and I headed out really early yesterday morning to go take pictures. We were at one of our many many lakes and caught these shots. The top picture is just a post from a fence on the edge of the water. The second picture is also at the lake with the sun just starting to come up.

See you tomorrow!


Emma said...

Both of these are great. The bottom one makes me want to just look and think about life.

KayJay said...

Great photos, well worth the trip, I'd say! Have you still got all that snow, you can't really tell in the photos!
Cu tomorrow

Susan said...

The first picture is just so striking with the blue color. I thought of some kind of resort, but then you said it was a fence post. The second one is just beautiful, too, with the light peaking over the trees. Good for you to get out so early to get these.

Erika said...

Great pictures! Love the blue color in the first one, and the sky is so cool in the second!