Sunday, April 5, 2009

Day 95 - That will teach you!

So youngest DD has been bugging her dad to let her get her ears pierced. It didn't bother me when or if she had them done. But DH insisted that she be closer to 12 when she has it done. So after the princess pouty face and the batting of the eyelashes, he said fine, lets do it now. He honestly thought she would chicken out and not do it. Well, she showed him - she did it! And without flinching, no tears, nothing! She sat there and smiled....LOL I love that she called his bluff. :)

Our snow is gone and its supposed to be 63 today! Yeah!!! Now we will probably skip spring and go right into a hot summer phase... :-)

Have a beautiful day!


Jennifer (Jennilyn) said...

That's wonderful that she didn't cry! I had both my daughters ears done at 10 months and 6 months, and even though they cried, it didn't last very long.

Susan said...

This is a beautiful picture. She has such a great expression on her face. She's determined, she's confident, and she's beautiful.

Erika said...

Wow, the picture is gorgeous! Love here look and that she is so focused on the camera.

I did mine at 7, but for the last ten years I haven't had anything in them. I just don't feel like it, some way it doesn't go with my short hair. But that is the good thing, if you don't want them it is just to remove the ear-rings, and no one will see the holes. =)

Emma said...

That is so funny!! My dd did the same thing, she begged to have hers done but when I would take her she would chicken out. I got my second holes when she finally did get them done.

Kay R. said...

She's a brave girl! Such a sweet picture. Glad your snow is gone. Here in middle Tennessee we've got snow in the forecast for Monday night. Typical Southern April weather. Enjoy the Spring temps!