Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Days 89 & 90

So with the kids in karate camp all week, and DH working - I have the house to myself. I seem to have less time to do anything than when I am running around all day picking up and dropping off kids!

Day 89 - Gotta have my Double Dutch Chocolate Mocha...YUMMY!!!!!!!

Day 90 - The Princess not happy with her mother that I took her picture. Oh she was mad at me...LOLOL Oh well!

Until tomorrow -
Have a wonderful day!


Emma said...

I always found it the same when I had to be running everywhere that even though I had the house to myself when I got home I got nothing done.
I loved my Irish Cream Lattie but I have had to give up coffee for good as it does not agree with my tummy. I will try after not having it for a while but still the same results.

gabs said...

poor little girl! I would love to have such a coffee right now

KayJay said...

She most certainly is not a happy chappy! But its still a great picture!
CU tomorrow

Erika said...

Mm, the coffee sounds yummy! It is a great picture of your daughter, although she looks very mad. =)