Saturday, March 28, 2009

Days 85, 86, & 87

*Sigh, I hate it when I get behind in posting.....* It was conference week this last week for the kids, so the Princess was in Kindergarten for only 90 minutes each day. Not much time to get to her to school, come home and do something productive, then go back to get her. Now we are on spring break so hopefully I can get stuff done.

Day 85 - just a macro of one of my plants. Loved how the sunlight was hitting it.

Day 86 - my Winter Daphne is just budding - and it smells sooooo good!

Day 87 - Time - which I never seem to have too much of anymore!

See you all tomorrow -
Have a wonderful day!


Debbie said...

Love your pictures! I like the budding Winter Daphne, I'm SO looking forward to spring!

Susan said...

I like the close up of the clock. Glad to see spring heading your way there.

Emma said...

Love all the pictures!! The clock is outstanding, with just the part of the clock showing.
Time? What is that, oh I remember! The thing that is passing way to fast.

Jennifer (Jennilyn) said...

Love the clock pic! Beautiful!

KayJay said...

Love your macro shots, I can so relate to the time shot!
Cu tomorrow

gabs said...

your pics are gorgeous

Erika said...

Love your photos! The close-ups are great, especially the purple buds are beautiful. Great photo of the clock too, love the light.

Melly said...

Love your photos
have a nice sunday