Friday, March 20, 2009

Days 77-79 - Yeah It's Spring!

HAPPY SPRING!!!!! Signs of Spring are finally all around us! This is my favorite season of the year. I have tons of buttercups in bloom (Day 77) and my tulips and hyacinth's are sprouting.

Princess Anna, my mom and I planted our herb garden yesterday (Day 78). Anna had to put her magick touch into the soil. This kid can make anything grow. :-)

My picture for today (Day 79) is SOOC - no trick photography. The kids and I got up at 4:30 this morning with our eggs. At exactly 4:44 pacific DST, we balanced our eggs during the Vernal Equinox. They love to do that. If you haven't done it - you need to try. At the exact time of the equinox, you can actually feel the pull on the egg. It stayed balanced for about 3 minutes - enough time to get all the pics taken.

Until tomorrow -
Have a beautiful Spring Day!!!


Emma said...

So glad it is Spring!!! It doesn't feel much like it right now as it is only 28 degrees but Wed it was 70. So we know it will get better.

Love the picture of the egg, I've never tried this so it is so cool.

Karyn said...

Hope you have a great Equinox. Looking forward to rebirth that spring will bring. This winter has been too long.

Mara said...

Wow the egg thing is awesome. I must look into this more. Thanks for sharing it ;-) Have an awesome day ;-)

Debra said...

Great photos!! Love the little hand planting! So sweet!!

Erika said...

So cool with the egg thing! Great picture of it!

Lovely with the signs of spring. The flower pic is fabulous, love the color.

gabs said...

happy spring!

Jennifer (Jennilyn) said...

Great pictures! LOVE the egg! Yay spring!! Too bad we're getting a bunch of snow on Monday. LOL

~Susie~ said...

I just love springs!! It's clearly my favourite time of the year!
Great shots!

KayJay said...

I've never heard about the balancing of the eggs - I'll look into that some more for when the kids are older, although now getting up at 4.30am probably wouldn't bother them!
CU tomorrow

Kay R. said...

Great photos! Cool egg shot. Will have to try this someday. So glad Spring has sprung. I'm tired of being cold.