Monday, March 23, 2009

Day 82 - Huh?

I stumbled upon this when I was driving around - I have NO clue what it is. Art sculpture maybe? I dunno...LOL It's by the river. I told the Princess that it was to turn the river off. I don't think she believed me. :-)

Have a wonderful day -
See you tomorrow!


Emma said...

lol, that is funny! But that is exactly what it looks like. Great shot regardless of what it is.

Tracy said...

LOL @ Turning off the river! Great shot!

Godena said...

So fuuny.A beautiful photo from a good angle made

Erika said...

Lol, so funny! I have no idea what it is, a sculpure maybe..? Cool photo!

gabs said...

wow that's beautiful

KayJay said...

OK, now I have to drive by our roundabout in the near future, to show you that across the miles we have a similar structure! So funny!
Love the idea of it turning off the river!
CU tomorrow