Friday, March 13, 2009

Day 72 - Old Signage

My mom and I drove around the industrial area and I took a bunch of shots of the old old advertising that is on the side of buildings. I love the top advertisement - its for a hotel with steam heat at .50 cents a day. We figure the advertising dates to about the 19teens as the buildings are a touch older than that.

On my picture for yesterday, I was asked what the circles were in the background. I took the photo in my bathroom as I have awesome natural light in there. The circles are lights (yes Christmas lights) that I still have hanging in there...LOL The kids love them as they stay on all night and they can see. I just used a very shallow DOF to get that look.

Until tomorrow -
Have a fantastic Friday!


Melly said...

this looks great

Emma said...

Great piece of history caught in the picture!!

Erika said...

Stunning! Love the detail of the bricks, and the old feel to it. Great picture!

Christy said...

What a great old sign, love it!!

Kay R. said...

I'm enjoying your daily photos! I admire your ability with a camera. Maybe I'll learn a thing or two :-)