Saturday, January 31, 2009

Day 30 & 31

I can't believe how far behind I am with posting. My DH surprised me with a new Nikon and I had to wait for the battery to charge so I could take pics. Of course I could have used my old camera but where is the fun in that???
Day 30 is my two guys playing XBox and Day 31 are just some silk flowers that I have hanging around the house. I am soooo ready for spring.
Have a beautiful night!


Susan said...

I could have sworn those flowers are real. It's so nice to catch the fun times in pictures. I hope yo enjoy your new camera. I look forward to more beautiful pictues.

Susan said...

Okay, I realize the first comment I posted could sound wrong-what I mean is that I look forward to more of your beautiful pictures, not pictures that are more beautiful. Also, sorry for the typo of yo instead of you.

Tami said...

LOL - Susan you make me smile! :-)

Ellay said...

Great photos! Beautiful flowers!