Saturday, January 3, 2009

Day 3

Here is my picture for day 3, snow and icicles..LOL

I have decided to do what most are doing for this challenge and that is to take a photo a day and then scrap them at the end of the week. With 2 little ones its tough to sit and scrap daily.

Settings for the picture are as follows: F5, 1/400s, ISO 200, 50 mm.

Thank you to the girls (and guys) at DST and at CK for their idea's of what to photograph for the 365 challenge. Here are just a couple of their awesome ideas:
1. Rosy Cheeks
2. Your favorite Book
3. Candy
4. A bowl of limes or lemons
5. The inside of your refrigerator

Have fun taking those photo's!


Katie said...

Oooohhh, Tamara! What a gorgeous photo! Simply amazing. You've caught my idea of the quiet of winter.

Chreamps said...

This is just beautiful! Love the snow on branches in the winter!

DigiDandyDesigns said...

That is spectacular! You did a great job on that. I almost want to reach out and touch the icicle.

TracyB said...

brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. wonderful pic. gorgeous!

Teacher Spice said...

That is a gorgeous shot! Wow!!!!

Carolyn said...

Great picture. That is really pretty. It looks SO cold brrrr!!

JDR said...

This is gorgeous and leaves the viewer feeling cold, but in a good way. :) Excellent shot!

Miss Chris said...

Love it, beautiful We have the cold here but not the snow right now. Your pic makes me miss it.

Valarie said...

What an absolutely stunning photo! I just love this great shot